sexta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2012

About Halloween

Seguem-se unhas que usei durante esta semana e provavelmente vou continuar, o que vocês acham sobre aquela cor naquela unha? A mim parece-me esquisito  porque combina cores venenosas 0000 mas não sei, digam algo.
Beijinhos e boa semana. 

3 comentários:

  1. well darling, you have mentioned that halloween is to be celebrated by satanic people, right? i understand why you think like that but the truth is that halloween has its origins in celtic culture. i belive you are a cristian therefor you celebrate all saints day. do you know why it is at november first? because early cristians made their hollidays on te same date pagan festivities where held to persuade them into becoming cristians too. so, halloween is not satanic holliday but a holliday meant to praise the dead. it is done out of respect and with joy too, similar to that holliday in mexico with thoose colorful skulls
    i am not trying to be rude whatsoever but please next time reseash before messing up with other people's culture, it is quite offensive

    1. I think you've got me wrong, or the post or it's translation isn't clear. What I mean't to say is that people nowadays celebrate halloween as a joke and not by it's true meaning, I don't know much about it's origins, it's true, but I think people make something of a joke out of it. I used the term satanists to give an example, comparing many of the people that celebrate halloween to satanists (and not only) that would celebrate christmas for it's true meaning, possibly making a joke of something they don't believe in
      I'll try to make less possibly offensive opinions from now on
      I'm thinking about making some posts in english as well
      Sorry for the misunderstanding

  2. its not that you have offended me, but you could have. i didnt mean to insult your work, and if i ddid, i appologize.
    (regarless of that, i do think you should start writting in english not only because that may help you when reaching out to people, but also because it could help you develop your linguistical skills, not that they are at all bad)


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